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Richmond Plumbers – Short Pump Plumbing is really awesome.

I had a sink crap out on me and decided to look around for a Richmond plumber to help us out.  I then realized the garbage disposal probably needs to be looked at… and the other sink in the hallway has a minor leak.  So yeah, there are a few things I need a reliable plumber to check out.  I was looking around on Google for a plumber who is located in the West end.  A few show up including Short Pump Heating and Air.  I think a friend of mine used them a while ago and had nothing but good things to say about them.  They have been around for a long time and have a solid reputation.  I saw a brand new company pop up and I decided, “what the heck?  Let’s give them a try.”

After picking up the phone and calling, I was greeted by a lovely lady who seemed to just finish her first cup of coffee.  “Hi good morning this is Liz with Short Pump Plumbing how are you doing today?!”  Man, I didn’t think I was in a bad mood but she totally cheered me up.  I told Liz about my sinks and garbage disposal and she was extremely accommodating by asking specific questions.  She made the entire phone call experience “real.”  “Hey I know these might sound like silly questions, but I need to ask you because I want to make sure your plumber is 100% prepared!”  I said no problem.

Short Pump Plumbing offers morning appointments, and afternoon appointments.

I asked for a morning appointment.  It’s between 8am-12pm.  They called me at 7:45am and told me it was going to be around 10am when they get there.  If they had a suspicion of that changing, they would give me another call to let me know.  I really dig how they respect their customers’ time.  That’s huge.

He showed up at 10am and asked if he could wear shoe protectors before entering.  What a guy!  He took a look at what I needed fixing.  He kind of laughed because it was a REALLY easy job and wasn’t going to “knock me over the head” with a fat price.  He finished the job in under two hours and even told me some youtube channels to look at so I don’t need to pay for easy plumbing jobs.

This is an honest plumbing company.

He could have easily said the job was a difficult one and quoted me much higher than he did, but he didn’t.  He was honest, courteous, and my wife doesn’t complain anymore about our sinks and garbage disposals.