There is nothing like Good ol’ Richmond, Va.  We have all 4 seasons, we have the mountains in the west, the ocean in the east, DC in the north, and perfection where we live.  Nothing beats Richmond, Virginia.  As a home owner, you’re going to need to have all the right people doing the best jobs on your property.  You need a good carpet cleaner, driveway sealer, plumber, and a landscaper to name a few.  After digging through Google’s search results, we found an outstanding lawn care specialist who YOU can trust.


Short Pump Lawn Care

Short Pump Lawn Care

These guys look really impressive.  I mean look at their website.  It’s obvious they paid some one some good money to have a mobile responsive website, and a website that’s clean and easy to navigate.  Short Pump Lawn Care is a heck of a landscaping company in Richmond that strives to serve their RVA folks to the max.  For having a bust-ass kind of business, and working with long sleeves and pants in the hot southern sun, they were surprisingly friendly and conversive when we spoke to them.


It’s not easy being a landscaper.  You have to work hard hours, and operate loud unforgiving machinery in the elements.  Obviously, the crew of Short Pump Lawn Care told us their favorite seasons to work in are fall and early spring.


Landscaping Services in Richmond, VA


What all lawn care services do they provide?

  1. Lawn mowing
  2. leaf removal
  3. residential lawn services and monthly maintenance
  4. commercial landscaping services and monthly maintenance
  5. tree stump removal
  6. lawn fertilizer


Whether you need a mean lawn cutting extravaganza in the summer, or you need all the leaves in the world blown and taken away, this business has your back, and does it with a smile.  I had a chance to talk to the owner at Hardywood Brewery.  After drinking a few beers, we had a great time talking about entrepreneurship and the struggles that come with it.


“I started out at a young age of 16 just trying to make money so I could take out this girl I had a huge crush on.  I mowed 1000 yards (so it felt like) and we went on a few dates!  I’m the kind of guy who likes to work with my hands and do it myself.  I’d do work for some people and they’d tell their neighbors, and my business started expanding pretty quicky.  I had no choice but to start hiring other people.  This was really hard for me because I wanted to do everything myself.  I didn’t think anyone could do lawn care 1/2 as good as I can.”


But he had no choice and to let it happen.  Turned out he hired some of the best lawn workers ever, and pays them better than any company in the area.

Out of all the landscaping companies in Richmond, Va these guys are top notch and offer exceptional work.


Do yourself a solid and call them now.


Short Pump Lawn Care

8717 Pellington Pl #7

Henrico, VA 23294